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Andrew Watches Movies

Hi, my name is Andrew, and I watch movies. I have watched thousands of movies in my life, and enjoy writing, and talking about them. There is no discrimination based on genre or age here, I watch 'em all, write about them, then podcast about them. Sometimes, I even watch the movies with other people, and have an after movie conversations on the show. I hope everyone enjoys the evolution of this site, and our journey through the film world together.

May 11, 2022

The new Taiwanese film The Sadness is bound to end up one of the most talked about horror films of the year. It pushes the envelope in every concievable way, and will stoke the embers of the Zombie genre in ways nothing has since Zach Snyder tried his hand at it. Love it or hate it, this is a film that will elicit a response. Join Andrew in a discussion on his screening of the film, and mostly a discussion as where it really fits into modern horror. Trigger Warning, this might not be a positive review, and might/would piss the director right off. Enjoy, everyone!

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