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Andrew Watches Movies

Hi, my name is Andrew, and I watch movies. I have watched thousands of movies in my life, and enjoy writing, and talking about them. There is no discrimination based on genre or age here, I watch 'em all, write about them, then podcast about them. Sometimes, I even watch the movies with other people, and have an after movie conversations on the show. I hope everyone enjoys the evolution of this site, and our journey through the film world together.

Jun 28, 2018

Join Jess and Andrew for their further adventures through the cineplex. This week, we saw the Oscar worthy "Jurassic World:The Fallen Kingdom", a classic that will be remembered eternally.

We also saw "Damsel", the new Robert Pattinson and Mia Wasikowska film that was actually good. I'll take a mini horse over CGI dinosaurs any day.

We rounded our week off with the Natalie Portman narrated documentary "Eating Animals", which seemed like a nice double feature with the Dino park movie.

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