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Andrew Watches Movies

Hi, my name is Andrew, and I watch movies. I have watched thousands of movies in my life, and enjoy writing, and talking about them. There is no discrimination based on genre or age here, I watch 'em all, write about them, then podcast about them. Sometimes, I even watch the movies with other people, and have an after movie conversations on the show. I hope everyone enjoys the evolution of this site, and our journey through the film world together.

Oct 31, 2018

Happy Halloween everyone! On the last day of our 31 Films of Halloween journey, we bring you two versions of one of our favorite films of all time. Dario Argento's 1977 Suspiria was given a brilliant 4K restoration last year, and we got the chance to see it in the theater again. 

The film was also remade this year by Luca Guadaguino who made last year's Call Me By Your Name. It's hard to pin down our exact feelings on this one, but we know that it's one that deserves to exist and even get a second viewing from us. When this open wide, we recommend it to open-minded viewers.