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Andrew Watches Movies

Hi, my name is Andrew, and I watch movies. I have watched thousands of movies in my life, and enjoy writing, and talking about them. There is no discrimination based on genre or age here, I watch 'em all, write about them, then podcast about them. Sometimes, I even watch the movies with other people, and have an after movie conversations on the show. I hope everyone enjoys the evolution of this site, and our journey through the film world together.

Aug 19, 2022

Not every movie is gonna click with every viewer. Today, we have a few movies on deck, and one just didn't hit it out of the park. Tune in for conversations on Mrs Harris Goes to Paris, Fall, and the cringe comedy I Love My Dad. Also incluedes a short discussion on The Toy starring Richard Pryor. That was a first time...

Aug 12, 2022

Three movies walk into a bar. Two of them are there to party; to have a fantastic time. One of them is filled with characters more annoying than anyone in The Blair Witch Project or The Babadook. Two of them decide that one gotta go, and they bounce them from the bar. The three movies are Bodies Bodies Bodies, Pizzagate...

Aug 9, 2022

Today we are gonna talk about 3 movies that are streaming now and are worth your time. Not OK and Prey are streaming on Hulu. It's a shame that Prey isn't a theatrical release, but it is still a captivating action film on your at home setup. Try to watch the Comanche dub version of the film, it is a richer experience....

Aug 1, 2022

Join Andrew for a discussion about an adorable little shell with some pretty slick shoes on. Been waiting to see this for a while.